• Nobody is perfect . But I am trying to be the best version of myself . The journey is hard , i won't deny it but I am half ( or even more) way there and let me tell you .... it's amazing ! I can finally say that i feel free ! Yes , there are some moments when bad or sad thoughts cloud my mind and that is totally fine but I've learned to deal with them and I am aware that those are just thoughts , little black annoying puffs that sometimes fly around and end up in my way for a short time but i know they will disappear with" the next gust of wind " .
○ Being aware of what you feel and the reason why you feel those certain things is very important in this journey . I've learned so far how to deal with my inner demons and how to make peace with myself . You are not your thoughts . This , is a very important thing to learn . You can choose which thought to' listen" to and to which one not to pay attention to .

• And don't even think that people who always seem positive and are all smile and sunshine don't deal with the same bad and negative thoughts you are dealing with . They do honey , theeey do . but here's the "catch" : they CHOOSE not to listen to them . I know I make it sound very simple and now you are like " But i can't do that A . How can i not listen to negative thoughts when those are , mostly , the thoughts that cross my mind on a daily basis ?! " Well , i never said that this will be easy , but you can . Every time you have a bad thought , replace it with a positive one , or focus on something that "radiates" happiness like puppies for example , or kitties , look at cute videos , listen to music that doesn't make you wanna cry your soul out every time you listen to it . Dance , jump on your bed , watch a movie , write on a piece of paper all the things you wish / you want to be , all the things that you wanna accomplish , your goals , where you wanna travel , write down in a notebook all the thoughts that are on your mind , good or bad , it does't matter , just write . Let it all out , all your frustrations , all the things that you are grateful for , alll the things that make you happy anything !
○ Sing , run , paint , sleep , read , write , punch a pillow, work out , go out for a walk , go out with friends , take pictures of you , of random things , of your family , friends , strangers , help people if you can , do all the things that can make your little soul less heavy and more full of life and happy .

• Look , being sad sucks , I know , I've been there , even worse . But it is not the end of the world .Maybe you feel sometimes like nobody understands you and that you are alone ... but you are not . Believe me , many of us struggle with our inner demons , all of us fight battles every day ... And let me tell you this : I AM PROUD of YOU that you are here , that you chose to fight and didn't give up . You are a warrior ! And it's very ok to ask for help . Do it if you feel like you are drowning and you are not sure if you can make it to the shore alone .


Stay gorgeous , chin up , and don't you ever let that crown fall off your pretty head