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Here are some examples of colours for your nails that will give you autumn vibes.

  • Nude colours
beauty, cool, and fall image style, nail art, and nails image Image by Sunstroke nails, Nude, and uñas image
  • Burgundy nails
nails, ring, and style image nails, brown, and style image nails, mac, and red image nails and beauty image
  • Black nails
autumn, coffee, and fall image fall, autumn, and nails image fashion, sweater, and style image nails, black, and hands image
  • Dark orange
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  • Other
autumn, nail, and otoño image cosmetics, nail polish, and nails image nails and style image fingers, fashion, and nail image

In my opinion every colour is suited for fall if you choose the right shade. What colours do you want to wear this autumn? Send me a postcard with your answer.

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