Strange title? I know. Here are some reasons why I am ashamed of the human race:

1. We have ruined this planet:

We have ruined this planet for everyone. We have. I have. You have. Everyone has. Only recently did I become more eco-conscious, I'm 16 years old, and that’s 16 years of me throwing plastic in the bin and poisoning the oceans. That’s 16 years of me destroying the rainforest by supporting animal agriculture and the palm-oil industry. I am embarrassed and sorry to have previously said I cared about the planet.

2. We kill.

We kill other animals to extinction and pretend to care. We pretend to care when we say "that’s such a shame" when a dentist shoots a lion. We pretend to care when we sponsor a snow leopard for "only £3 a month" (sponsoring animals is fine just wait.) We do not, however, care when we buy products like palm-oil and meats, cheese, eggs etc. which destroy the rainforests. We do not care when we use and waste so much plastic and pollute the oceans.

3. We are watching the world end like it’s a film.

We are watching the world end and are not doing anything. Even in the horrific events that are currently taking place over the globe, we decided to joke about the end of the world. Laugh at me if you want, I don’t care, but think about it like this. What if the Earth is trying to get rid of us? (I know the Earth is not alive per say but, it does react to what we do, and what anyone does, like a reflex almost.) We are killing it. It wants to kill us back, or kill itself already.

4. We should not be here.

We should be extinct. The amount of plagues and natural disasters we have survived is embarrassing. It’s embarrassing because we are not wanted, by the Planet, the animals or plants. Why would they want us? We're selfish, stupid, materialistic beings that do nothing to benefit anyone but our own profit? We, as a race, as a species, as a group of sentient and complex beings have to do something. I am sick and tired of watching people watch the planet crumble away with its animals. I am fully aware that I sound like a dumb, preachy, hippy person but I’m angry and if you’re not then you need to pay more attention.

Love, Katelyn