I feel like the world around me is moving and continuing on with what's supposed to happen but I'm physically stuck in England whereas my mind is wandering a mile a minute of things that will never happen and places I will never be able to visit, why? Life gets in the way, I maybe a teenager now but soon i'll be off to university where I would have to work hard and earn money to pay for daily essentials. By that time I would be in my mid-twenties and BANG! Suddenly all my hours are wasted on working and reaching my 'dream job' which might not happen. I don't want my life to fly by so quickly where I would end up being in my mum's position with kids in their mid-twenties. eventually, I would love to go there but right this moment all I want to do is travel the world but life gets in the way and I'm still stuck in England whereas my mind is in overdrive and eventually the volcano will erupt and all I can do is stand still and watch it unfold with blank eyes.