A classy lady is a female that knows how to conduct her self, everywhere she goes she draws attention,by her ability to join conversations, and have good manners, talking manners table manners it really have nothing to do with money. Lots people believe that to have class you need to have money and that is not true

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Seek wisdom. As difficult as it can be to heed the advice of those more experienced than yourself, it is a necessary step at times. No matter your age or ability, allow yourself to learn from the mistakes and victories of those older or more experienced than you. You will win their favor and be available to pass on your own wisdom or advice.

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2) Well dressed and groomed. Wearing clothes that are not necessarily expensive but that match and look dignified and respectable. For girls, super short skirts or low cut shirts just look trashy. So do t shirts with clear trashy/drug references, An excess of make up or make up in ridiculous colors not suiting the occasion just looks stupid. Nothing ridiculous or flashy, like body glitter, that just looks tacky.

3) Education or at least a value on education. If you don't understand this one, you're not classy.

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Do not insult, gossip, or slander. When necessary, voice your opinions appropriately and constructively.
Choose your words. The classy individual listens more than she speaks. Having a strong vocabulary is important, but do not use a word unless you are certain of its meaning.
Quality - Don't be two-faced. Having a good, all-round nice and honest personality conveys you are a classy females.
Give everyone respect and the benefit of the doubt.
Know when to ask for help, but avoid desperate behaviour. This is the kiss of death for the classy person. Only desperate times call for desperate measures. Take a deep breath, be strong, and move through the situation with elegance and grace.

Carefully consider tattoos and piercings. Let's face it: it is easy to judge by appearance. Therefore, take careful consideration when deciding if it is a good idea for you to get visible tattoos or body piercings

Be knowledgeable and aware. It is wise to become politically, culturally, and religiously aware. Even the most basic knowledge can save a person from embarrassment and awkwardness
Make friends not enemies, that is the best, to be friends, and kind, funny to people not create drama, or useless behavior though.

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To improve your knowledge, and education, and be culturally aware, learn some or a lot of languages like, Spanish, Greek, French, German, Amharic etc, i suggest you to learn French or Spanish first to be honest.

Choose your battles; choose your friends. Few battles are truly worth fighting. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves (mentally disabled, animals, children, etc). Be wary of those who appear to enjoy bickering. Use words to express yourself lucidly. Importantly, do not correct others when they use improper grammar
Never stoop to their level, and do not be hasty. Surround yourself with positive, polite people who encourage and live your classy, intelligent lifestyle.
Differences in background, family life, and education cause people to speak differently, and often people use slang for effect. More than this, it is irritating and degrading to be corrected by a know-it-all.

Don't put so much makeup on, like sharp eyes brows, packed lipstick, and caked foundation, just a bit like some foundation some gloss/lip balm, some natural eye liner, or lip tint though.

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Don't over due your makeup

Dress modest, and classy not trashy/slutty don't show so much skin,breast and butt, dress in the way you wan't to be treated, and taken seriously, remember showing so much skin will not get you nowhere not give you respect by people(especially males), ok than. Avoid getting caught up in trends. There is nothing wrong with enjoying fashion or buying clothing you find attractive, but it is important to stay in control.

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Don't dress to hook up (skanky) - a classy girl always dresses neat, and complimentary to her body, not degrading

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Dresses, when buying dresses, make sure it's not so revealing , and make sure the dress length is stop to the knees,or 1 or 2 inch above the knees or longer, make sure it's elegant, and poise, and the right fit for your body, and skin tone.
A bit of cleavage may be fashionable, but true gentlemen will appreciate modesty more than exposure.
Avoid getting caught up in trends. There is nothing wrong with enjoying fashion or buying clothing you find attractive, but it is important to stay in control.
Do not become a slave to fashion, or you may be regarded as foolish, "high maintenance", and/or shallow, never ever be vain as well.

Break the stereotype shackles. More often than not, using labels in any way, whether to identify yourself or others, shows a lack of creativity, lethargic social skills, and a lack of careful observation. Give everyone respect and the benefit of the doubt.

I hope all this helps to a poise person of appearance,actions and personality :)