I'm a girl with big dreams, and I'd like to share those dreams with you all!
I want to be a writer one day, to write my story of my life and all the experiences that I've been through... hopefully I change somebody's life while they read it! so I can be a role model and a true inspiration for the dreamers like me.

Dream big and never lose hope, because life so beautiful and there's a lot of things out there waiting for you to step out and follow your dreams and work hard, you'll get a good result trust me!

However, all I want to say is that I really really want to write for you guys I got too much to say, I fell in love with this language"English" and I want to continue writing and improving my level in this and I want your support by my side. by the way, I am an Algerian student! so plz read my article and like it!and tell me what you think