I found these "35 facts about me" and I wanted to do it cause I like answering questions so...

1. Full name: Maria Antonietta
2. Zodiac sign: cancer
3. Fears: dogs, since I was a child
4. 3 things I love: chocolate, cold, clothes
5. Best friends: for me, my friends are all the same, I don't have best friends
6. Last song I listened to: Winter Sound, Of Monsters And Men
7. Tattoos or piercing: neither
8. The reason why I joined We Heart It: I was looking for inspiration
9. How I feel right now: carefree
10. Something I really, really want: finish school to go at university
11. My favourite movie: "Le fabuleux monde d'Amelie"
12. My favourite song(s): Young and Beautiful (Lana del Rey), Do I wanna know? (Arctic Monkeys), Angie (Rolling Stones), Crazy (Aerosmith). And others...
13. My favourite band(s): Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, Muse and Europe
14. 3 things that upset me: program changes, questions when I wake up, people who walk steadily, and many, many other things.
15. 3 things that make me happy: when it snows, shopping, money (because no money, no shopping)
16. What I find attractive in other people: their way of dressing and kindness.
17. Someone I miss: nobody deserves it!
18. Someone I love: nobody in particular
19. My relationship with my parents: normal, a great relationship
20. My favorite Holidays: Christmas holidays, at home with parents, even if I would like to spend them on the snow
21. 3 things that annoy me easily: math, talk on the phone, beach.
22. My favourite animal(s): fishes, crabs, squirrels, birds.
23. My pets: I haven't one
24. Something that's currently worrying me: the beginning of the school. (and dogs!)
25. An embarrassing moment: when I was a child I said "stupid" to my pediatrician. I was really angry. Now I feel embarrassing about it...
26. Where I work: I don't work yet but in my dreams I'm a fashion editor!
27. Something that's constantly in my mind: it's a person.
28. 3 habits I have: wash my hands, take photos of sunsets, mirror me everywhere.
29. My favorite store(s): H&M, Bershka, Stradivarius.
30. My favorite food: pizza, crisps, chocolate, biscuits.
31. Something I'm talented at: I think drawing
32. Number of kids I want: 0. I haven't a good relationship with the kids.
33. Do I smoke or drink: sometimes I like drink.
34. My future goals: make career out of my hometown but always in Italy.
35. Invisibility or ability to fly: ability to fly to go everywhere I want.