Nicki Minaj is back with MAC! Releasing 2 new custom designed lipsticks along with 18 other normal mac lipsticks and 6 lip glass shades, in a range of different finishes. When I heard that Nicki had another collab with MAC I was so excited as
No.1 how on earth was this kept a secret for so long? they were literally out within weeks of me finding out and...
No.2 I missed her last collab with MAC as I was still going to school and didn't have enough money.

So let's just say I was majorly excited for this collection. The lipsticks in this collection are all neutral shades which I loved as they match the look Nicki has had since 2014 :) Some of the lip pencils are re-releases from previous collections but Nicki has her own custom made lipsticks that are in the spotlight of the whole collection. These are the two lipstick's that I'm going to be discussing in this blog post, they are custom designed lipsticks by Nicki herself :)

Nicki's Nude
The first one is called 'Nicki's Nude'. From the outer packaging it looks like a coral colour with an orange undertone. This was the shade that sold out first on the MAC website, but they both sold out in just 7 hours of them being released in the UK... way to go Nicki! ... and MAC I guess. They have been restocked since but they do keep selling out on the MAC website and they're only available till mid October, so you'll have to grab these whilst they are hot!

The outer packaging was darker than I expected it to be, it kinda looks like a dusky pink from the box. It then has the traditional MAC branding near the bottom along with the ingredients and bar code. It also had Nicki Minaj's signature along the front just above the MAC brand to show that it's part of her collection and that she custom deigned this lipstick.

The actual lipstick tube is one of my all time favourites, it's a little brighter than the outer packaging but it has a metallic effect that makes it look like a coppery metallic in the light. It's not mirrored or anything but it does have a nice shimmer to the casing. The shade name is on the bottom of the tube like on any other Mac lipstick. You also have the Mac branding on the tube plus Nicki's signature which matches the box.

Nicki's Nude is a soft peachy pink shade with a orange undertone, it's a lot lighter than I expected it to be but it's still beautiful. It has a gorgeous shimmer in the light that really makes the whole lipstick. I feel it would go great with any outfit and would look good matched with a nice neutral eyeshadow ... (hint hint Nicki!)

The Pinkprint
The second of the two is called 'The Pinkprint' this one is a lot lighter than the first, but still looks great and goes with her branding, being pink and everything. The name of the shade matches her third album which she released in 2014. This shade reminds me of her previous collab with mac where she released Nicki 1 and Nicki 2. I have never owned those lipsticks but from what I've seen online they were very pink based and this shade reminded me of that :)

The outer packaging is exactly the same as the Nicki Nude but this one is a tad bit lighter to match the lipstick colour and tube, but it's quite hard to tell the difference on the photos. This one is a lovely blush pink, which matches the shade name 'The PinkPrint'. The rest of the box is exactly the same, with the MAC branding and the Nicki signature, which I liked because it shows consistency and also shows that they are part of the same collection :)

The case is pretty similar to the Nicki Nude tube as well, it has the normal MAC branding plus Nicki's signature on the base which shows that this is her custom designed lipstick. The shade name is on the bottom with a sticker... you know all that jazz! The case itself is a really nice blush pink and matches the box well. Again, the tube looks slightly lighter than the box itself but it's still a beautiful blush pink. It has the same effect as the Nicki Nude, where is has a metallic effect in the light but this one looks more rose and brighter than the Nicki Nude tube.

The Pinkprint shade is a creamy pink, which matches the name very well. It's a little lighter than the Nicki Nude but it's not a bright as her viva glam lipstick called 'Nicki 2' she released in 2012; but it's still a gorgeous creamy pink colour. When faced towards the light it has a nice silvery shimmer too it which I loved! It applies so easily and I feel would go great with a nice summer dress or jumpsuit :)

Application & Pigmentation
These are amplified crème finish lipstick's this means they are made with a crème formula that I find is very very pigmented. Amplified crème lipsticks for me are a cross between a lipstick and a moisturiser, although I would still suggest moisturising your lips as you normally would, I do find these lipsticks to be OK on their own without a moisturiser. The lipstick's don't tug on your lips as you are applying them and they run across the lips smoothly. The pigmentation of this lipstick is awesome, one swipe across the lips and the lipstick was on. The best part is a little goes a long way, which is perfect when dealing with big brands like MAC. As for the finish of the lipsticks, I'm a little unsure, they aren't matte but they aren't like a gloss either. I guess that's why they're crème lipsticks :)

I find these lipsticks last around 5 -6 hours but that would depend on whether you are eating or drinking during that time. They do transfer onto glasses and such whilst drinking so that would be something to keep in mind whilst wearing these lipsticks. One thing I will add is they smell amazing! I've never sniffed another lipstick more than I have MAC lipstick's ... is that weird?

Store's and Price's
You can buy either of these lipsticks from MAC cosmetics for £16.50 each, although I will warn you they have been sold out online for days now but there are odd occasions that I have noticed them back in stock (you may have seen me on twitter begging mac to restock, before I had them) but it's only a matter of time before they are sold out again so you have to be quick!
If you haven't managed to catch them in stock or you just can't wait they still do sell them inside the MAC stores themselves so it might mean a trip out, but at least you'll get a lipstick or two out of it right?.

If you're from the UK there are other options and shops to buy the lipsticks from I know House of Fraser were selling them at one point, Debenhams and Selfridges were also selling them too, for the same price as MAC as well ... win, win!

I haven't check Amazon for these lipsticks but they will probably be on there, sooner or later. If the worst comes to the worst there is always eBay, I have searched for these lipsticks on eBay and there were around 11 up at the time, however they are double and sometimes triple the price, which is a shame as I see it as exploitation but I'm not stopping any ones bag... if you catch my drift. I saw one up for £38.00!! and the next day, it was gone!

I love both these lipsticks, they apply great and the pigmentation is amazing! One thing I will say is the poster that advertised them really didn't do them justice. They do not look like they do in the poster, I think they look better in person. If you're still not sure then I would definitely recommend taking a trip to your nearest MAC counter and swatching them yourself, as the colour on the poster really doesn't show their true colours.

The shade names were good, I like the alliteration with Nicki's Nude, it rolls of the tongue easily and catches the eye. Not sure how I feel about her calling the one shade 'The Pinkprint' though; I get that it's pink and it's part of her brand but I feel like I'm ready for a new era now, I don't know... perhaps I'm just salty because we haven't had no tea about the new album yet... we don't even have a name; man I'm tired of hashtagging #NM4 on twitter -.- .... yeah it's definitely me just being salty... the shade name is fine... I'm sorry Nic!

Nicki has also teased that she has a big announcement to do with MAC coming 2018, I'm not sure what that is but for now...The Nicki Minaj x MAC Lip collaboration launched on September 1st in the UK & Ireland, but is launching internationally on September 20th... get your cards ready girls! They are a must buy!

10 lipstick's /10

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? Let me know in the comments below!