1. Currently reading.

book, quote, and song of ice and fire image book, series, and got image

2. Silhouette

girl, Devil, and aesthetic image shadow, cigarette, and aesthetic image

3. Burst of red

rose, flowers, and light image red, aesthetic, and lollipop image

4. Shopping

makeup, nars, and mac image clothes and fashion image

5. Stripes

me before you, book, and louisa clark image aesthetic, cool, and legs image

6. On the shelf

book, girl, and library image gold, plants, and white image

7. Sweet

food, donuts, and chocolate image girl, tumblr, and beach image

8. B&W

phoebe tonkin image girl power, feminism, and black and white image

9. Light

light, night, and vintage image Image by Anna

10. Furry faces

dog, cute, and puppy image theme image

11. Smile

boy, girls, and sex image girl, beach, and summer image

12. Beautiful eyes

beautiful eyes and alexandra daddario image eyes, eye, and blue image

13. H2O

beautifull, heaven, and lovely image voss, water, and grunge image

14. Blurry

girl, Queen, and crown image aesthetic, grunge, and blur image

15. Mirror

rose, aesthetic, and mirror image madison beer, dress, and outfit image