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It all starts with waking up, but even though you`re not really awake yet, you slowly get this special feeling: This day is going to be a really bad one. You definitely don`t feel like getting up, neither going to school, work or somewhere you have to go. I normally get this feeling on weekends, which doesn`t make it one little bit better. On a regular day there is something that kind of forces me to get out of my house in the morning because I have something that needs to be done. But on weekend there is no person that is waiting for me and there is nothing I couldn`t do another time. So I just stay in bed. I don`t get dressed - sometimes I do not even brush my teeth (sorry if this sounds too disgusting to you).

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After a few hours of just not feeling like getting up you are probably getting hungry and you are going to search for food in your kitchen... On days like this you dont care about healthy food or something so you end up eating chocolate or another "bad" food in (wow isn`t it surprising ?) your bed !

You are not going out of your bed the whole day except to get food or to go to the toilet.

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I am very sure that you know which days I mean - everybody has them and everybody hates them. It`s not like you`re having a cozy stay-in-bed-day. You just feel so lazy, unproductive and you don`t really like yourself in this moments. You may feel dirty, disgusting and ugly and then you think that it doesn`t even matter anymore and you continue to eat chocolate (which is the worst thing to do when you got a skin like I do) and you think that brushing your hair is totally overrated.
It is okay to have those days but it doesn`t feel good and you may also feel a little bit guilty about yourself.

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I myself love to shower in the evening, to make sure that the next day isn`t going to be as bad as this one. Get out of your old payama and put on a new one ! Set up an event that makes it worthier to get out of bed, for example meeting friends or going for a walk in the morning. Also find a outfit for the next day which makes you feel pretty and comfortable ! You may have those day of completely rest but you may not forget to get up again, honey.

If you can relate to what I wrote I would love to hear what you are doing to get your life together again and to feel better !
I hope you are having an amazing day right now.
- Lucia