Hello Guys!

Today I would like to talk about my favorite series. I think, that the best way to do this is a Series Tag! I hope, you will enjoy it. :)

1. Wich series are you watching currently?

series and theclass image series, theleftovers, and wearestillhere image series and howtogetawaywithamurder image series and theflash image

I am currently watching four series. The first is the Class. It is a British science fiction and a spin-off of the long-running programme Doctor Who. It is a interesting story, but I just started watch it yesterday, so I don't have detailed opinion yet. The second is The Leftovers. This series is new for me too, but the story piqued my attention! Then comes my BEST series the How to Get Away with Murder! I love the whole story!!! The main message and of course the characters are amazing too. This is compulsory for everyone! The last series is The Flash. The story about Barry Allen who is as cool as the series is.

2. Best series finale?

Image by Viktória Image by Viktória dance and dance academy image

I know, the end of a series is never good, because something is over. But the Dance Academy was a perfect and great story with these three seasons. I really loved each one for their own message. And now I am so happy, becaus a MOVIE will come out with these actors! :)

3. Worst series finale?


Just to clear up, I like this series, but the end of The Shannara Chronicles's first season is horrible! I don't understand, why they had to spoil it with the last episode...but good news, the second season will begin on 11th of October!

4. Favorite TV actress?

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My favorite actresses are Lili Reinhart from Riverdale, Camila Mendes from Riverdale, Marie Avgeropoulos from The 100 and Emeraude Toubia from Shadowhunters. These girls are very talented and they play their role perfectly! ♥

5. Favorite TV actor?

magnus bane, shadowhunters, and harry shum jr image angel, gif, and wink image izzy, magnus, and simon image joseph morgan, klaus, and The Originals image

My favorite actors are Harry Shum Jr., Alan van Sprang, Will Tudor from Shadowhunters and Joseph Morgan from The Originals. These boys are not just super good looking, but talented too! ♥

6. Most disappointing cancellation?

series and skam image

I think, the cancellation is always disappointing. But when I heard that the season 4 will be the last season of the Skam, I was sad. It is a Norwegian teen series about the daily life of teenagers at the gymnasium in West End Oslo. The seasons are so funny and it is guaranteed, that you will love all the characters. If you are teenager, then this series is compulsory for you!

7. Best opening titles?

funny, tumblr, and get away with murder image funny, tumblr, and get away with murder image

Absolutely, the How to Get Away with Murder can be the correct answer. Not just the opening titles are best, but also the series's quotations are great and funny too!

8. Series, which was so bad, that you didn't finish it?

series and whitequeen image

I am a series lover, but The White Queen was so horrible and I hated the all characters! In fact, I only started watching the series for Max Irons, but it is not worth it to watch all ten episode.

9. Favorite female character?

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Hayley Marshall-Kenner (from the series The Originals) is my favorite female character. I love her bravery and she is a strong woman. If I were she, I would only do one thing differently... Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson would be my man. ;) ♥

10. Favorite male character?

cw, flash, and gif image

Firstly, it was a little bit hard question, but after I realized, that actually my favorite male character is Barry Allen from The Flash. At the beginning he is a little, scared boy, but in the meantime he become an adult. And of course, he is the fastest man alive! ;) ♥

11. Series crush?

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Oh, it is the easiest question ever, because... MALEC FOREVER! ♥♥

12. Favorite show of all time?

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charmed image charmed, nice, and people image charmed, house, and la image charmed, phoebe, and piper image

The Charmed was my first series which I watched every day on the TV. I think, everyone know this show, so you know why I love these three witches!

13. Favorite childhood TV show?

Temporarily removed phineas and ferb image perry the platypus and heinz doofenshmirtz image Image removed

When I was a child, I loved to watch the Phineas and Ferb. It was so funny cartoon and it is still!

14. Character, whose wardrobe I'd most like to steal?

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Maybe it would be Betty Cooper's wardrobe from Riverdale. Her style is so adorable and I think, my personality simular her. :)

Omg, itt is a little bit long, but it doesn't matter, if you enjoyed it! :)

Thank you for reading my article!

Much love, Viki! ♥