Okay I'm not going to sugar coat this but, if you don't have these songs on your phone or i-pod right now your music taste sucks asscheeks. And if you already have these songs we are gonna be great friends.

1. My Kind Of Woman - Mat Demarco

okay so the music video is very odd and confusing but don't let that fool you this song is great or any day whether sad or lonely or even just stoned, it has such a chilled guitar pattern that you cant help but sing along with Mat's soulful voice. matter of fact download and listen to everything Mat Demarco he is a god.

2. Dark Comedy - Slow Hollows

deep dark fast and perfect. this is the indie rock song you've been searching the web for that you never knew existed. with Austin's deep and melodic voice and the fast tempo of the beat you cant stop yourself from playing it until you cant hear again.

3. Radar Detector - Darwin Deez

my friends and i like to name this song the "too indie pop for me" song with its sugary guitar chords and happy go lucky first date vibes. when you hear it you wont help but smile at the gleeful and poppy lyrics.

4. Suicide Saturday - Hippo Campus

trick for this tune is to listen to it on Saturday and try not to kill yourself from the chill vibes. seriously try not to sing at the top of your lungs to this 'killer' boppy song.

5. A Little While - Yellow Days

Slow, majestic, mellow, lovely. only way I can describe this one for you guys. but seriously if you don't own this song on your device are you even human?

all i can end this with is download this and live happy.
hope i helped



p.s. forgot to add this aesthetic spotify playlist with more recommendations