Things I associate with the four different seasons. The things I instantly think about when I hear the words spring, summer, autumn or winter. I hope you enjoy the list and the photos ღ

● flowers blooming, everything turning green again after winter, chirping birds that just hatched from their eggs
● Easter | Easter eggs in all sorts of colors and with all sorts of patterns and decorations, Easter egg hunting, Easter themed sweets and chocolates, the Easter bunny
● weather getting warmer & the first warm days of the year
● baby animals
● days getting longer
● cafés opening their outdoor spaces for guests
● cherry blossoms
● the first fruits, especially strawberries in late spring, aparagus season

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● hot and sunny days, long days (it can stay bright outside until 10pm)
● ice cream
● swimming, diving, surfing, going on a boat or yacht
● beaches, swimwear, palm trees, swimming pools, sun loungers, sand castles, collecting shells at the beach, suntanned skin
● Iced coffees, ice tea, ice cold coca-cola, cocktails, sangria
● skirts, shorts, off-shoulder tops, hot pants, summer dresses, sun glasses, sandals, ballerinas
● summer holidays & vacation
● blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, watermelons, mangos, peaches, coconuts and coconut milk
● lime and lemon flavored sorbets
● barbecue parties, bonfires, camping
● perfect time of the year for waterparks and amusement parks

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● colorful leaves
● temperature getting colder, rainy days, the last warm days
● Halloween | carved pumpkins, Halloween decorations, costumes, Halloween parties, spider webs, Halloween candy, trick or treating, "spooky" atmosphere
● Thanksgiving | turkey, lots of food
● pumpkins, pumpkin spice latte, roast apples, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, acorn, corn
● hot coffee, hot tea
● bonfires, roasting marshmallows

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● snow, cold weather, cold wind, short days (it can get dark at 4pm already), frozen lakes and rivers
● gloves, winter hats, warm jackets, boots, comfy, warm clothing, earmuffs, lots of wool clothes
● hot drinks (hot chocolate, coffee, tea), eggnog
● roast apples, gingerbread/Lebkuchen, marzipan, cinnamon flavored food, (Christmas) cookies, candy canes,
● skiing / snowboarding / ice skating / sledging
● Christmas & Christmas markets
● Christmas decorations & Christmas trees in stores, at home and in public service buildings (train station, airport etc)
● little kids playing in snow making your heart melt
● catching snowflakes in your hands or with the tongue especially as a kid
● snowball fights, making snow angels, building a snowman ...
● eating too much of the delicious food and candy during the holidays
● Christmas present shopping (often last-minute), opening presents
● roofs covered in snow as if someone covered them with powdered sugar
● fireplace, wrapping yourself into a blanket and reading with a cup of coffee, kisses under the mistletoe
● winter holidays, my birthday, New Year's Eve, fireworks, New Year resolutions
● Santa Claus, Christkind
● Advent | Advent wreaths, Advent calendars

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In case you're interested, I have collections dedicated to each of the four seasons, Christmas, Easter, Halloween.. ღ