Love, they say, it doesn’t pick a place, a year or time. Nobody knows when it is going to happen, how it is going to happen, but the most important of all is that nobody know its strength, nobody is aware what the love is capable of. They don’t know that love is the one that can make you feel all of the butterflies in the stomach, but she also has one flaw: pain.
70 years has passed since then, but I still remember. I remember everything as it was yesterday. It was night, somewhere around midnight, the rain has started pouring down and I was tired. As I was running towards the train station I was already dreaming about the moment when I arrive home, take off my shoes, get in bed and sleep. I kept running in a rush when suddenly a guy that was a year older than me, pushed me and I fell. I fell right into a puddle full of water. From head to toes I was all soaked, but it was worse that from the inside I was screaming. I was so mad that I even started shouting at him loudly. He, however seemed so calm and straightened up his hand to me to accept it; as a sign of an apology. Still mad, I didn’t even turn to him, I picked up my things that had fallen off my purse and accepted his hand. The moment I lifted my head my eyes met with his. His warm palm still placed on mine. I could feel my entire anger slowly and fully fading away. I wasn’t feeling that wrath that was ruling with me just a few minutes ago. All I could feel in that moment was that I was lost into his eyes. My heartbeat fastened, I felt that sick feeling in my stomach.

I'm sorry I didn't see you there. - He said with soft yet so calming voice. I wasn’t able to reply to him, I was too enchanted by him to do that. He was just some random stranger, but in that moment I felt like I have known him my entire life. He walked away from me with a short-gentle smile and I stayed there on the rain, staring at him until the darkness took him away completely.
What am I doing? Have I lost my mind? - I told myself before turning on the other side, continuing my way to the train station. I bought myself a ticked and sat on the bench to wait for my train. The minutes were passing by when suddenly someone came behind me and left a bouquet of roses in my lap. Taken by surprise I immediately looked behind me, but he was already gone. I looked down at the roses and noticed the small card left in between them.
*_Like I already said, I am sorry. It was an accident. Take care._
I knew it’s him, my prince on the white horse. The man who I fell in love with and it took me less than a minute. I wanted to stay there and search for him, but my train has already arrived. I knew that if I get on the train I might never see him again. Millions of questions were roaming through my head. I stood there like that, staring at the train, thinking whether I should get in or not. The fight between the heart and my mind was huge. And yet, the heart won. I stayed.
Every day I kept going to the same place at the same time, full of hope that he might show up. With desire for him. But he was gone. I thought that in those moments the ground underneath was dragging me in deeper and deeper. And then one day he showed up. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. He was in my near. My trembling heart started beating faster and faster. I could feel how the sweat drips down my palms. My physical strength was not strong enough to fight with the smile that painted on my lips when I heard his voice. The voice that called me to throw myself in his arms.
Ever since we spent many days together, we made so many memories, but there is one memory that I will always remember. It’s the day when he showed up on the station with a big-black suitcase.
I'm leaving! - He said. I'm leaving forever!
His eyes were full with tears, but he didn’t try to even look at me. He just turned on the other side and left. He left. And I was left with a broken heart and bitter tears in my eyes.
Even today, after 70 years I still visit that train station. I sit there with hours. Love really has one true flaw; pain. The pain that is killing me and it’s so impossible to heal. That deadly pain that is too hard to cope with in the silence of the haunting memories.

- Lis