Hello my lovely little licornes ~

Today I would like to share with you a review on a rosehip oil. I tend to call it a liquid gold for skin when I´m among my friends and family. ,,Why?" you ask? It´s simple - because it´s a pure miracle and you can see skin improving even after only one week usage. My skin is oily, acne-prone and extremely sensitive, as you may already know. That´s why I hadn´t wanted to try using any oil on my skin. But because I had read so many good reviews on them, I had decided to try them. The very first oil I had been using was a coconut one, which is really popular. In the beginning, I noticed a little improvement, but when I had been using it for a longer time, my pores had been clogged more and my skin had been getting worse. I had stopped using it immediately. But in today´s article I would like to share with you my experience with the bio rosehip oil by Saloos. I don´t use it only as a day cream but also as a serum. Currently it´s one of the most important skin care products in my skin care routine.


Rosehip oil has a very vibrant orange colour and fine rosehip scent which is very delicate and natural - I really like it. Its consistency isn´t that much oily - it´s a bit watery too. As I mentioned above, it´s a bit drier than the other oils. There´s a pipette which is used for applying the product. You can apply it on your palms or directly on your skin. It´s more hygienical this way. 20 ml packaging I´ve been using for a month and something and there is still a bit of it. I already ordered two more packagings.


Have you ever thought about rosehip´s effects? Neither I have and that´s why I was very surprised when I found so many adventages of it. Rosehip oil contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and it´s also rich in vitamins such as A, E and C. There is so many ways how to use this oil - you can apply it on your skin, lips, hair, body or finger nails. It´s very effective in fighting against wrinkles, it helps to heal the wounds fastly and it is also capable of healing the little wounds and scars after having an acne. Thanks to its usage your skin will become brightened, pigment spots will almost vanish. Because of its consistency it´s soaked into skin a bit faster than the other ones and it helps to unite a skin tone.

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