a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.
"she's a friend of mine"

That's the definition. A person with a bond of mutual affection, a friend. But when's the expiration date? The warranty label? When is it spoiled rotten?

That's the question everyone asks themselves when they can feel everything their so called "friendship" stood proudly upon crumble to it's ankles. See what I did there? Instead of saying it's knees I used the word ankles because it has crumbled farther than expected.

I'm not a professional therapist with the most logical answers of the human ways but, I do know how it feels when you just have that feeling that you and your friend aren't as close as you used to be, when you can feel you or your friend just loosening their grip onto the bond you both shared and held onto so dearly over the years. You can never not tell that your friendship is over, you know it's over.

I'm writing this fresh out of a mutual agreement that a friendship of my own is having it's own series finale. No more spectacular and fiery season premieres, just a sad and teary finale.

Now I know, you must be thinking to yourself
"Well when are we going to talk about if friends are forever?" But I assure you, we will most definitely get to my opinion on that but, before we do I would like to let you know firstly in life people will come and go just to put a few gigabytes inside of your storage holder of a brain.

So the lost of friends are a small hurdle to jump over, even if you trip on some. Don't lose yourself over losing someone else, I mean who knows if losing that person can create some kind of amazing future for yourself. Just understand that rain comes before the sunshine and if you feel like your stuck in a hurricane try to stand in the eye of it.

So my answer to my own question in the title above is no, I don't believe that friends can last forever but I do believe that you should take charge with whats happening in the moment and if a great friendship is happening right now between you and someone else, enhance it.

Hope this helped anyone who is feeling the exact percentage of shit I am right now.