What's up you guys! I want to share my essentials to watch movies, and I'll tell you how to make the perfect kit to enjoy a movie at home! you can invite your friends, whoever you want. Or maybe you'd rather enjoy the feeling of being home alone! anyway, let's begin ...

Prepare your kit: You will need ...

🎥 Basket: You can use a cardboard box, a box of popcorn, whatever you have.
🎥 A small blanket
🎥 Movies: There are funny halloween movies, or terror movies, You'll find some in my last article.
🎥 Something to drink, (could be coca-cola, coffee, anything you like)
🎥 Sweets: Buy your favorites. There are thousands of delicious things! you could include:

💕 Gummy bears
💕 Cookies (if you like, baked at home).
💕 Popcorn
💕 Confites (I like skittles and m & m)
💕 Chocolates
💕 Candies

Okay, first we'll put the little blanket inside the basket, (not necessary, but it gives a special touch), we'll put the movies, all the candy you have, and the drink.

My essentials: Some of my essentials are:

🎬 A movie kit
🎬 Piles of blankets
🎬 Cushions
🎬 Comfortable pajamas
🎬 Slippers
🎬 Thick and hot stockings
🎬 Teddies

Well guyyys, those were my essentials. Not many things, but I'm more than happy with everything. If you liked it, let me know with a really big 💗 And do not forget that you should not abuse yourself with sweets! I do not want you to get sick 😉 See you soon!!!

🌃🌙gιяℓυиινєяѕιтy🌙 🌃