Do you smell the flowers?

Can you feel how sweet that smell is?

Do your fingers feel the softness of the petals?

Ever allowed your tongue to taste a rose?

Have you forgotten your thorns and only delighted in a flower?

Flowers always made me smile;

The smell of the damp garden after the fine drizzle was unique ...

To be able to travel my hands with freedom for the wet roses ...

... I miss those feelings so pleasurable and wrong

Here's a secret:

I've always been afraid Mommy will see me playing in the garden.

Even when my friends played with me;

Mom always told me that eating flowers was wrong.

Sorry, Mom, the garden is so fucking hot.

Obviously, as you may have noticed, I am not referring to the "flowers"

And if you still do not understand the meaning of the whole "my garden", find me this morning in a dark room

I'll show you;

Let's enjoy this fine drizzle, babe.