Here are few simple steps for updating your wardrobe without spending any money.

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1 . Clean your wardrobe
Start by cleaning your wardrobe, you know exactly what you own and maybe find pieces that you forgot you even had.

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2 . Play "dress up" game
Usually, we choose the same outfits day by day. Play a bit "dress up" game and you'll find lots of new outfits to wear. Try on the outfits that you wouldn't normally choose, mix and match. Take selfies through the mirror and choose the best outfits.

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3 . Accessorise your outfit
Accessorising is a quick and easy way to update your outfit without spending any money. Layer up jewelry, belts, scarves. Try Different styles.

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4 . Try on a new hairstyle
When was the last time you changed your hairstyle? Learn to do new hairstyles, it will freshen your look.

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Get inspired and find your personal style.

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