Ok, so I'm not an expert when it comes to happiness. For the past few years, I have both struggled and failed to find happiness due to a stressful time. But recently (i.e. the past 6 months) I have found ways to find happiness. So I decided to share.

First of all, find out what's making you upset. For me, I felt like I didn't really belong. Cliche, I know but it was true. This meant that I didn't feel comfortable around my friends which also affected my work effort and attitude towards life. I was lowkey weird af; I watched weird shows compared to my friends (but come on Sherlock is not weird!), wore unusual clothing that made me stand out and talked about things that non of my friends understood. That was my problem. But I learnt to fix it. And NO! Don't change yourselves for others. Understand? Good.

Now comes the fun part: finding that happiness.

I could tell you a whole list of things from thousands of articles that I trolled through trying to find a simple solution. Truthfully, I only found a few that actually worked for me. I'm not saying they won't work for you but these are the ones that helped me.

#Be with those who make you happier

gif image
Truly, one of my favourite friendships. Maybe second to Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.!

Being around those who are always negative, I find, decreases happiness levels drastically. If some one is always negative no matter what the situation probably aren't good for you. If they themselves are going through a tough time then you should help them. I'll touch on this idea of helping others later on. If they solve their problem, their attitude will also increase making them more positive. We all know the saying 'laughter is contagious' but not only is it contagious, it is also amazing. I liked to believe the idea from Peter Pan that 'When the first baby laughed fro the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies' - Peter Pan. This may not be necessarily true (although I think it is) but it still shows the true power of laughing. Laughter and smiling creates happiness. Happiness is laughter and smiling. And people who make you laugh and smile, help you find happiness.

#Do things you love.

book, art, and reading image
An amazing picture by a truly amazing artist.

No matter how weird or quirky, do the things you love. If you don't enjoy, don't do it! Simple right? Wrong. I'm not saying don't go to school just cause you don't enjoy it. That wouldn't be the greatest idea. But if you don't enjoy a sport, or another activity don't do it. For example when I was struggling I found reading. Divulging myself in the lives and worlds of these other characters who were struggling as well made me feel like I belonged. The fact that they (almost) always found happiness in the end also gave me the most important thing I could have. Hope. I became hopeful that yeah, maybe I won't find some prince charming to ride into my room on a white horse and take me to a castle, but I can find happiness. And so can you.

#Stay positive

positivity image
'You know what's cooler than being cool? It's being happy.' - Taylor Swift.

Positivity is powerful. It is one of the many reasons (including we've got stuff to do) that we wake up in the morning. Having positivity is amazing. Just having a positive mind is amazing. Thinking about the best today could be always make me happy. I could be having a rubbish morning but then could think 'What if I finally complete that essay and then get to finish that series I was meaning to finish last week?'. That makes me happy. It also helps me get stuff done. Being positive - gets stuff done. Oh, and gets happiness.😂

#Help others

Image by Halina Babiarz

The one thing that I found is helping others gave me happiness. I'm, what I believe is called, and introverted extrovert. If that makes sense. I love helping others, even if it makes my self-conscious. I sound so cheesy right? 'I love helping others' but I do. Even if it's helping my younger sister with her homework, it makes me feel amazing afterwards. I think 'yeah, I did something good today'. Whether it's going to an care home for a day, or helping some pick up things they've dropped or yeah, helping your younger sister discover the horrors of algebra for the first time (😈). Helping others makes me happy. And (hopefully) it will make you happy too.

All the images were done by amazing artists (i.e. not me). Please appreciate their hard work and talent.