Are you among those who scroll through your instagram feeds everyday seeing people post pictures of themselves in a very cool outfit, a hot dress,the perfect makeup and the perfect body that can make any guy/girl drool over or watch people post pictures partying whole night?

You watch them and your mind is all like why do i have a boring life? Why don't I have the perfect body and best outfits? Why is everyone around me happy except for me? If your answer to my question is a yes then do listen to what I have to say.

NO, you're not alone. This is not just your feelings. This is how every young boy/ girl feels these days. This is what our social media has created, A BUNCH OF DEPRESSED YOUNG PEOPLE.

Do not be among the bunch. What you see on social media is what the people choose to show the world.

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You rarely find people post pictures of days when they went to bed with teary eyes, selfies where their hair and makeup is not on fleek. You're not alone . Your life is not boring.

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What you ought to do is stop being a prey to the social media. Come out of the virtual world and face the reality. Learn and experience new things. You do them in silence. You don't want the world to know where you're and what you're doing. Just know that you're happy and knowing that is what matters.

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