WARNING! Very liberal individual here, so if you do not agree with left ideologies, you might want to turn away

Hurricane Harvey. Although the hurricane was short lived, it destroyed communities. Windward Islands, Suriname, Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Yucatán Peninsula, but mostly Texas and Louisiana...these were all the place affected. People lost their homes. People lost loved ones. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, gone. Wiped away from the current. They couldn't retreat in time.There was a story that i saw on Twitter, and I pray to God that it's not true. A whole family has been erased because of Hurricane Harvey. Katrina devastated anything and any person that came in contact with it, but Hurricane Harvey saw it as competition and decided to do some damage of his own. Now, they are saying that Hurricane Irma is on its way, and then after that Hurricane Jose, and wait...we're not done! Hurricane Katia! People are looking out for three different Hurricanes spinning out of control in different directions! The universe is crying out. Before you call me this psychotic or over-zealous hippie, hear me out. Last year, around this time, Donald Trump (I will never acknowledge that Cheeto as my president) was elected to have the highest power within the United States. Since then, America has turned on it's head. Racism has always been alive, and it will take a while to reverse its effects. The Alt-right have been in the news since 2010, but over the past few months it has been in almost every headline that pertains to politics that i have seen. Racists aren't afraid anymore. They come out of hiding because they are protected by Trump and just the systematic oppression that America subjects on its minorities. Virginia showed this when a mass movement of Neo-Nazis...yes folks, you read it right, Neo-Nazis, were storming the streets and throwing their white nationalist filth out into the atmosphere. Hatred is magnifying each day. I am proud of everyone that has tried to combat it and has spoken up for what is right. The worst thing to do is to be a bystander. Anyways, more and more people are coming out of the woodwork and showing their true colors. It always pains me when I see African Americans praising Trump and taking the white nationalist agenda lightly. Probably because I am African American myself. Like, you know this doesn't benefit you, right? White privilege is a thing, sorry not sorry. It is. All lives do not matter. If they did, black people wouldn't be killed by the police because they decided to wear a hoodie. People who practice the Muslim religion would not have their hijabs pulled off their head and their headscarves removed when walking through security. Latinos wouldn't have to be profiled and asked for their "papers" as they are driving home to their families. We take a few steps forward, but then we take the same amount of steps back it seems, and then some! I have spoken to many people who claim to be "liberal", but they think gay people are the biggest abomination known to man, and they believe that children brought into this country by their parents should be turned away. First of all, the whole "immigrants should be kicked out of the country" narrative is bullshit. White people, this technically isn't your country either. Native Americans lived here first! This is their land! The last time I checked, Native Americans only made up two percent of the population! What kind of nonsense is that? Caucasian people are immigrants too! So am I! Everyone is an immigrant if you're not Native American. It's all just a bunch of malarky. And now, Trump is going to try and repeal DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Children who have been in America for decades will now have to go back to a country that they might have never been to before. And then those children might have children, and then so on and so forth. It's a disaster. Let's go through some other things that Trump has done:

From MotherJones.com (http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2017/07/a-jaw-dropping-list-of-all-the-terrible-things-trump-has-done-to-mother-earth/)

14 February Trump signs a bill repealing an anti-corruption rule that required energy companies to disclose payments to foreign governments. The regulation was scrapped under the Congressional Review Act.

16 February The stream protection rule, which prevented mining companies dumping their waste into streams, is axed under the Congressional Review Act. Trump calls it a “terrible job-killing rule.”

28 February Trump instructs the EPA to rewrite the ‘waters of the United States’ rule, which expanded the definition of the Clean Water Act to protect the water supply for around 117 million Americans. Many farmers, real estate developers and golf course owners opposed the rule.

2 March On 1 March, governors and attorneys general from several Republican-led states write to Scott Pruitt to request the EPA stop collecting methane emissions data from around 15,000 oil and gas operations. A day later, Pruitt says he has decided to oblige “after hearing from industry.”

15 March Trump announces a review of vehicle fuel efficiency standards that are designed to push down greenhouse gases and other pollutants. More than a dozen car company chief executives asked the president to revisit an Obama-era decision to mandate improved fuel economy by 2025. Pruitt calls the standards “costly for automakers and the American people.”

28 March A sweeping executive order penned by Trump orders a rewrite of the EPA’s clean power plan, which was Obama’s centerpiece climate policy, an end to the moratorium on coal mining on public land and the removal of climate change as a consideration when approving federal projects.

29 March Pruitt denies a bid to halt the use of chlorpyrifos, a widely used pesticide. The chemical has been linked to damage to the nervous system and last year EPA scientists said a ban was warranted. Household use of the chemical was phased out a decade ago but it is still used in farms across the US.

11 April A court grants an EPA request to delay the implementation of ozone pollution standards that were made stricter in 2015. The EPA intends to review the rules around ozone, which is created when sunlight reacts with pollutants from vehicles exhausts and other sources. Ozone can create smogs and can trigger a raft of health ailments, especially among children, the elderly and those with respiratory problems.

13 April The EPA pauses a regulation that curbs the dumping of toxic metals such as arsenic and mercury by power plants into public waterways. The Obama-era rule, set to commence in 2018, would’ve destroyed jobs, according to Pruitt.

27 April The EPA successfully convinces a US appeals court to halt a challenge by states and industry groups to an Obama administration rule aimed at reducing toxic emissions from power stations. Pruitt, in his previous role as attorney general of Oklahoma, had sued the EPA to stop the rule, which is known as MATS.

23 May A three-month pause is put on landfill methane rules so they EPA can “reconsider certain aspects” of the regulation. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and is emitted from rotting garbage in landfills, as well as other sources such as agriculture.

13 June The EPA announces plans for a two-year pause on regulations that would reduce emissions leaks from oil and gas operators. The regulator acknowledges that pollution from the leaks results in “disproportionate” harm to children but proposes to go ahead with the suspension of the rule anyway.

27 June The EPA, along with the US army, proposes to scrap the clean water rule. This would reverse an Obama-era move that expanded federal government protections to the drinking water of around a third of all Americans. Pruitt said the rollback will provide “regulatory certainty to our nation’s farmers and businesses.” The announcement didn’t reference public health.
He also wants to dismantle the LGBTQIA protection laws that Obama set up. He publicly defended Neo-Nazis, not blatantly, but he didn't condemn them. There we go, and that's not even the half of it. I really want to touch on EPA and Scott Pruitt. Trump decided to elect a man who does not believe in climate change. Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, does not believe in climate change. The Lord knows when things are wrong. The universe acts accordingly. We are taking steps back, and it's not everyone's fault, but everyone is being dragged down by the effects. I am not sure what we need to do, but we need to do it soon, and we need to do it now. The universe is trying to get our attention, and we need to listen. I do not know everything when it comes to politics, but I know when things are wrong, and things are very wrong right now.