This is my very first article. I thought that writting will be helpful, you know. It often does.
However, I decided to write about feelings and motivation. It sounds like
mixture of two absolutley opposite things, but when you think about it just for a little bit- you will see it is so conected! I am not as motivated as I was just couple hours ago. Really, I am not sure why, i have not enough energy. Again, I do not know why, because I oversleppt almost whole afternoon yesterday and couple of hours last night- that is much sleeping for me. I do look exshausted and tired. But I do not want to let me become zombie, even for a day. Than, here we are- feelings. People are different, they care about their feelings a lot, and some people does not care at all. I am both, from time to time. I know that just one strong, sincere, long hug would be enough to take me back and wake me up. But people does not want to do anything even similar. Nowadays, everybody hide they feelings and emotions. Perhaps it is because they think that showing emotions is weakness. I do not agree with them, of course. And I believe that there is good inside all of us, but it does not seem true at all. How we are suppose to get on with it? Young people used to think that they can change the world. They used to work on it, and even small step moving from where we are were actually enormuos. And now? Who wants to change the world today? ALmost noone. Everyone is disappointed and afraid from everything. Everyone lives their small lives and tryin to fit in. Shapes and borders all around us and noone wants to break them. That is weird and unusual, you know. Finaly, how that affects on our lives, our thoughts and thing we do? It does. We act like those tiny atoms which are around us- one affects on the other, than he affects on some other the same way, and so on. No one has courage to try and step out of this limits. And why would anyone? Who is going to support him? To believe in him? To work for this with him? We are too afraid, are not we? And in this situation, everyone pulls back, so why should do the opposite, right?
After all, I still believe that there is good in everyone. And that we must be fearless to be able to move the limits. And I still hope that there is someone who will help to make those changes happen. We are so unmotivated and sleepy! We may waste our lives because of fear, you know. And how does that sound?