'takes a deep breath' Hey.

Okay, that wasn't that hard, right? Saying hello to the world seemed harder that it was. Maybe I am overreacting. But here I am and so are you. I'm glad someone read this. Let me just tell something about me. I am shy and I am socially awkward.
But when it comes to words I am someone else. I am brave and I know what to write.

So for this very first post I would love to just make a list of things I would like to discuss in the future.
I.) The fact that phones completely manipulated generations.
II.) The fact that because of the pollution next generations will never see stars.
III.) How music changed through years.
IV.) How teens are never taken seriously because they aren't officially adults.
V.) Fake people.
VI.) Who is okay to trust.
VII.) How to deal with a disease you have.
VIII.) How to deal with high school or at least how to try.
IX.) How some food is not good for us and we know it (or don't know) but still eat it.
X.) Why should only sick thin girls be called pretty?

There is more but those really seem important to me and I would like to talk about them as fast as possible.

Alright, that will be all, thank you for reading this :)

Have a nice day,
xx Gaia