Hi guys !
This is my third article on we<3it and I'm really excited to write about it. I think that there is a lot of things to say about all the kind of cool stuff you can have on your phone and I would like to share you the apps I can't live without !
(P.S I may complete this article as soon as I discover new apps)

Let's start !

1. Snapchat
Snapchat is my favourite social media ! It allows you to chat with friends and the reason why I like it so much is because of it’s concept. You can chat by taking pictures of what you’re doing and use funny filters. The app includes a map so you can “stalk” you’re friends and find them if you have a meeting for example. You can also read interesting articles that are written everyday by “Cosmopolitan” or “Vice”. To sum up, it has a lot more options and according to me, it’s a way better than instagram or Facebook.

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2. We<3it
You know this app, obviously. Well, this is my second favourite app, I just loooove it ! This is something I use to find inspiration in quotes or art and of course, now articles. It’s a good way to discover and share things from all around the world with people you don’t know, who won’t judge you. I feel completely free using this app and I feel like this is the real me. I think this app was made for open minded people who wanted to find answers they didn’t have words for. I’ve got this app since 2013 and I guess I’ll never delete it !

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3. WhatsApp
Why do I love WhatsApp ? Because everything is free ! This works exactly like normal texting but it’s free until you have an internet connection ! You can add numbers from all around the world and you can still text, call or video call people from different countries. It’s very useful if you move a lot from a place to another and helps you to keep a good contact with everyone. Messenger is good too, but I personally prefer WhatsApp.

4. Flo
Yeah girls, this is an app for you. Ugh.. Periods are always considered as an issue for all of us. This is a tool I found to deal better with that ! This app allows you to mark when your period starts and when it finishes. After doing this several times, it’s able to calculate when you might have it next time so you don’t have to remember it yourself ! You can also allow the app to send you a notification to avoid a bad surprise.. just in case you forget

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5. Spotify
This is the best app for music I ever had. I couldn’t find a good one before and I’m really happy with this one because it’s really easy to use. You can listen to every song/music for free but they’re interrupted by commercials but I don’t think it’s that annoying cause you can make your own playlists and keep your songs in order. The most annoying thing is that if you want to listen to (for example) a Justin Bieber album, the song is chosen randomly. I recommend to have the Spotify premium version for which you have to pay but it worths it (You can buy a family pack). In that version, no adds, no need of internet connection to listen to songs and you can pick the one you want to listen to !

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(By the way, here is a link to my friend friends song on youtube that is just amazing ! It's also available on Spotify. Click on the piano picture to check it out right now !)

6. Wikipedia the App
Yup, wikipedia has a mobile version and I find it really useful ! You can look for anything you want just like in the normal wikipedia but also save pages so you can easily find them back. You can also read interesting articles everyday and there’s a map of the world to make a research easier by clicking on it !

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7. YouCam make up
I like this app because it corrects pictures failures. Imagine you take this almost perfect picture BUT your dark circles are a way too noticeable.. The only thing you want to do is just to delete the picture even though it was pretty. Instead of deleting it, this app can help you to fix it a bit just to make it look better ! I think the corrections are very discreet so you can’t see them and the app allows you to fix quite a few small imperfections.

8. Ketchapp games
To be honest, I don’t really like games, but they’re always fun when you’re bored. I like the Ketchapp selection of games because I think they’re no as addictive as Candycrush so you don’t waste to much time on them ! They’re all available for free in the App Store

9. Instagram
Instagram is not the app I enjoy the most but I still like it a bit because you can follow your friends and favourite celebrities and like their posts. It’s always cool to see pictures from all around the world !

That’s it haha ! (haha, for now)
And I absolutely do not recommend Facebook because it’s full of adds and it is very dangerous !

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