Guys please I need help. I'm in a long distance relationship right now... we've been together 9 months. But in July he had to move because his dad is in the military.... but... he had to move to JAPAN. and there's a 14 hour difference!!! : ( It's 8:38 am right now that means its 10:38 pm there now. So, we only get to talk for certain amounts of time, for my nighttime and my morning. I do have a phone and stuff, (guys follow me on Snapchat (sydrawz25) and Insta (geekydalekgirl) haha. But for ...reasons... right now I'm like grounded for all eternity. So I always use my friends phones. I use my Chrome Book to email him and use google hangouts and stuff... but yea sometimes anyway, last night I got really sad and stuff. When he left the US, we both promised never to forget each other. But he asked last night "Do you think one day we'll just forget about each other?" out of NOWHERE. I said of course not and stuff... and he says he loves me. A lot. But here's the thing, my EX this is how he broke up with me. The day before, he said "I love you." Then in the morning was like "We need to talk. (btw this was OVER TEXT) We can't be together anymore. It's done we're over." So YEA. THAT happened. Why say I love you then break up with them the next day. The reason he gave me made me feel like crap too. When I finally got a answer from him, he said "people are making fun of me for dating someone like you." : ( Along with a breakup... I feel into a bad depression because of family issues. Like it was the low of my life. But... when I met my boyfriend I mean I would still get episodes, but not as much anymore. Now he's across the world from me and communication is so hard, and I love him so much, and the past few days have been very .... low... for me... and.. it's just hard to explain. I'm wondering if any of you know what I mean. Sorry for this rant I promise the next one will be a real Deep Thinking #4