Do you ever feel lost in your own feelings, like there are to much to handle at once. It is like you are drowning and you can´t swim up to get air. It´s like you are being attacked by something or someone but you can´t fight back. I hope i´m not the only one out there who feels like this. Sometimes i feel like i am done and i want to give up but than i remember that there ar eso many things that i still want to do and places i want to go. That probably happens every single month. I feel better for like a week and than i feel sad again and i want to give up and leave evereybody behind. I want to walk away from this life and maybe one day after i have suffered i will be able to let go of everything that has hurt me and espacially the people that hurt me and that didn´t believe in me because i feel like nobody believes in me and in everything that i want to do. I just wantt someone to tell me that they trust me and believe in me and love me more than anything. Maybe that´s why i feel like i need a boyfriend because i need someone to tell me that they love me. But what if that isn´t enough maybe i also need other people to tell me they care about me. Right now the only one i can trust is myself. I have to believe in myself that´s all i need right now.

- a girl with a plan