It's BASICALLY Halloween, right?

These are from my pumpkin emoji playlist:

Spotify: babyxspicex

Thriller by Michael Jackson

A simple classic nobody should forget about. Listen to it on repeat just to get in the Halloween spirit.

Secret by The Pierces

The popular PLL theme song. Can you keep a secret?

Evelyn Evelyn by Evelyn Evelyn

I'd be lying if I said I don't know the words to both parts of this song. Creepy, eerie, and really catchy. Also perfect for halloween.

Dark Doo Wop by MS MR

One of my favorite underrated artists and favorite songs by them. Eerie, slow, and I love to listen to this while the leaves are turning a different color.

1.010011101001111 by Young Heretics

I wish they were still making music together. A short song but everything it about screams mysterious, even the title.

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