Hi lovely hearters!

We all know our worst fears and we al don't want to fail. Sometimes it even can control your whole life (sounds creepy huh). Some people are afraid of talking to strangers and are afraid to make new friends or are afraid they will just fail at things. But little do you know there's a way to not be afraid! You wanna know? I have some tips and advice just for you guys on how to handle your fear. I'm not a professional person for this and I'm also no psychologist but I just wanted to share my tips with you!

If your afraid to ask things in public or to talk to a stranger, than this is for you. The people who you're talking to are also just people like you! Is it the way you look or the way you think you act the problem? Well honey, it isn't. You're beautiful and if you just do it and just say what you wanna say with a smile, people will just give an answer and talk back to you. There's no need to be afraid!

There are 'friends' who want you to do something you actually don't want to do OR there is this hype everyones talking about and because you want to fit in, you consider to try it out but you're actually afraid and you know deep inside that this is wrong.
Girl, there is just 1 tip I can give to you: don't do it. If you feel uncomfortable with the situation, just be you and forget about the idea. You do you and if you just let it go and be honest with yourself, people will accept your choice <3.

I think everyone knows what I'm talking about: grades. And I know a few people who are afraid to get bad grades. It has a name but I forgot.
It can be hard to deal with stress for an exam but I do have some tips:
-Study, if you studied hard enough, there's nothing to stress about.
-Try to relax and don't make your exam as fast as possible, take your time.
-If you know you'll have a big test, wear comfy clothes that day.
-Eat something before you need to make the test or drink some tea.
-Inhale and exhale.

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To be honest, if you studied the night(s) before and you come at school the day of the test, there is nothing to stress about. Just think: it is what it is. There's no going back but babe, I believe in you and you'll rock your grades this schoolyear! <3

Some people are afraid of the future. We all don't know what the future will bring and what's ahead of us. We all want a house, a family, a car, just a perfect life and it can be stressful sometimes.
But darling, try to put yourself first. If you're still at school, try to get good grades. If you just graduated, try to get a job or travel a bit. If you try to make the best out of NOW, you'll get a wonderful life. Stress now, is stress for later and when we're old we don't want to be dissapointed because our life was all about stress and looking forward.

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These we're a few tips I wanted to share! I hope it helped you!
Just remember you're not alone! Everyone has fears, you just need to face them and rise!

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