Let me start of by saying that I am a complete tomboy and I go around saying that I don't have any crush on anyone. But wait.... We all are human, aren't we? So it's normal to have crushes. Every single person has had at least one crush on someone in their lifetime. So it is completely NORMAL! It is then upto you how you take it ahead.

So, it all starts when your eyesight places itself on a guy/girl. Let's be frank, it all either depends on the looks of the person, or you start liking a person slowly on their personality. And for shy girls like me, we never ever admit our feelings to our crush. We just hope that one day, our crush notices us and starts liking us, ain't it? And then the feelings get massive day by day. Not seeing our crush for a day creates a hole in you (kind of). Sometimes, that crush may not even know that we exist! We beg to know what does he/she think of us. Are we good for them? We play endless romantic scenarios in our head. Our thoughts and minds are filled with their thoughts. We try walking past by them and hope that they at least notice us.

In the end, most of us end up not having them. Maybe that's why it's called a 'crush'. Because the feeling of your crush not liking you back is crushing for us.

But hey, when we get over that crush, we always end up finding another crush. ALWAYS! And then, the cycle of staring, dreaming and more staring starts all over again! After all.... that's life. XD XD XD