Hi guys, I begin to get use to all this article stuff even if it's still hard ^^
Anyway, I previously share with you my favorite songs here (http://weheartit.com/articles/296632310-best-songs-ever) if you want to check them out ;) And today I still wanted to talk about music so I was looking for an idea and I found the "30 days song challenge" so I decided to make my own. I just wanted to precise that I'm French so you might not know all the songs I will talk about but you should look for them on the net because they're great.
I hope you'll enjoy !

Day 1 -A song you like with a color in the tittle-

Ok, this is getting hard already but I will say "Indigo Blue" by Jake Bugg because I listen this song every day since it's been release

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Day 2 -A song you like with a number in the tittle-

This one is pretty easy, this is "27" by Passenger because I love the rythm and the lyrics are just so human. that's one of the song I will never get tired of.

music and passenger image

Day 3 -A song that reminds you of summertime-

This is clearly "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" from Lilo and Stitch movie because it's full of joy and summer vibes and also because it's one of my favourite Disney movie !

stitch, disney, and elvis image

Day 4 -A song that makes you want to kick some ass -

for sure it is "GTFO" by Rilès a french singer who sing in english and that I recommand.

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Day 5 -A song That need s to be played LOUD-

I would say "you can judge a book my looking at the cover" by The Strypes because that's to energetic to be played softly.

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Day 6 -A song that makes you want to dance-

According to me it's kind of the same thing that day 5 but I will say "Brazil" by Declan McKenna because that's also energetic and I like the instumental part at the beginning.

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Day 7 - A song to drive to-

That was kind of hard to translate this one, who thought that this challenge could help me improve my english ! (sorry for the mistakes by the way). So for this one I think about "Speeding cars" by Walking On Cars.

quote and walking on cars image

Day 8 -A song about drugs or alcohol-

As soon as I read this one I thought about "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" by The Beatles because that sound so childish but this is actually about LSD (Lucy/Sky/Diamonds)

george harrison, john lennon, and Paul McCartney image

Day 9 -A song that makes you happy-

Whoa, there are so much songs that make me happy but because I have to choose one I'll say " All I want is You" by Barry Louis Polisar because that's the first one that came into my mind.

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Day 10 -A song that makes you sad-

Ok this one it's way more difficult because I love happy songs and I don't listen a lot of sad songs but I think about "oublie-moi" By Vianney which means "forget me" and this is a beautiful song that I recommend you.

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Day 11 -A song that you never get tired of-

I know I will never get tired of "Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones because this song is just timeless.

rock and the rolling stones image

Day 12 -A song from you preteen years-

Ok, so after some research "preteen" is about 10-13 years old (I hope I'm not making a mistake) and at this age I was a huge fan of "Anastisia" so my favorite song was "Loin du froid de Decembre" which is the french version of "Once Upon a December" .

anastasia, Anastasia romanov, and gif image

Day 13 - One of your favorite 70's songs-

No hesitation for this one it is "Ride a white swan" by T-rex because it is oene of the song of my favorite movie "Billy Elliot".

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Day 14 -A song that you would love played at your wedding-

I would love to dance on "Somewhere Only We Know" covered by Lily Allen at my wedding but I guess I will have to wait some times ^^.

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Day 15 -A song that is a cover by another artist-

I first thought about "skinny love" by Birdy but that was maybe to easy so I will say "Torn" covered by Alec Chambers which have been release only a month ago. (By the way it was kind of hard to find a photo for this one because "Alec Chambers" looks like a lot to "Alex Chambers" from Grey's Anatomy, I thought you deserve to know ^^)

torn, illusion, and quote image

Day 16 -One of your favorite classical song-

I instantly think about "Für Elise" composed by Beethoven because I had a music box when I was a child with this song inside.

harry potter, love, and hermione image

Day 17 -A song that you would sing a duet with on a karaoke-

Ok, if I get it right that means that this is the song I would like to sing with someone else on a karaoke. I will say "Anyone else but you" by The Moldy Peaches but I'm not sure I will ever be able to sing on a karaoke in front of people :')

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Day 18 -A song from the year that you were born-

I was born in 1998 and I looked for almost 15mn for this one and the only one I found and love is "Reflexion" from the Mulan Disney movie ("Reflection" in English).

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Day 19 -A song that make you think about life-

I think I will say "Bring 'em home" by Pete Seeger and then covered by Bruce Springsteen which deals with Vietnam war.

peace, flowers, and war image

Day 20 -A song that has meanings to you-

I think the song that means the most to me is "Father and son" by Cat Stevens

cat stevens and yusuf islam image

Day 21 -A song with a person's name in the title-

Maybe "Amy Downtown" by The Season which is a Canadian group that I discover few years ago and I still love their songs

happypulpday image

Day 22 -A song that moves you forward-

I'm 100% sure this is "No more bad days" by This wild life.

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Day 23 -A song that you think everybody should listen to-

I will say "Obstacles" by Syd Matters because that is one of the son I will never forget.

life is strange image

Day 24 -A song that makes you fall asleep-

Those days when I can't sleep I listen "I dreamed a dream" covered by Darren Criss and it works !

gif, darren criss, and criss colfer image

Day 25 -A song by an artist no longer living-

I think about "What a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong.

louis armstrong, jazz, and music image

Day 26 -A song that makes you want to fall in love-

I quickly think about "Only want you" by Brett Dennen because it's a really cute song.

indie, redhead, and brett dennen image

Day 27 -A song you heard live-

I will say "Sirens call" by Cats on trees (French band)

cats on trees image

Day 28 -A song by an artist with a song that you love-

No doubt this is "Brooklyn" by Woodkid. and please if you have to listen only one of all the artist I talked about in this article, pick this one ;)

woodkid and music image

Day 29 -A song that you sin in the shower-

This is "Sundays with the flu" By Yodelice (oups... sorry to my family ^^).

art and yodelice image

Day 30 -An acoustic song you love-

I think about the acoustic version of "Tomorrow never comes" by Zac Brown Band.

zac brown band image

This is it, it took me 2hours to write this article I hope yu enjoy reading it, I loved writting it anyway.
have a nice day !