it's morning and you still asleep
i'm watching you
i'm looking at the way the sun hitting your face and giving a worming feeling, like she's telling you without words that today going to be a wonderful day.
i'm looking at your messy brown hair and just for a second touching it again to feel how soft it is
i look at your red pluffy lips and want to kiss you.
you open your eyes and i feel like i forgot for a second how preey they are
even when you telling me that you don't like them, i still do.
everytime i'm finding out a new color in them
they'll never get boring
i could be lost in them for hours
our hands fit perfectly like destiny had determind them for each other
i'm putting my head on your chest and beathing your smell
i'm happy here, with you
i wish we could stay here forever.

i'm starting to think to myself
i mean after all, why should you be dating me?
there are a lot of girls that prettier then me and could give you more then i do
do i pretty for you?
"you're the most pretty thing i've ever seen" he telling me like he could read my thoughts
"stop thinking so much" he saying to me
"i can't" i'm telling him
"i love you"
"what ?" i asked just to hear him saying that again
"oh i know you heard me darling" he said to me in a big smile and after a second hits his lips on mine
my stomach filled with butterflies that just to fly out to the free open world
i'm putting my hands on his hair putting him close, wanting more
we falling on the floor and there is silent
but this silent braking fast because our noisy laugh that pervaise through all the room
" i love you too"