Hi there! Welcome to my first article. My name is Danai and i am not a very good writer, but i hope i can expand my skills by writing articles on We Heart It.
I thought that it would be a good idea if i started by introducing myself and tell you a little bit about me. :)
I am half dutch half greek and i speak 4 languages.
My biggest passion is art. I love drawing, dancing, acting, singing, i play the guitar and i make youtube videos. On top of that i really love film. I love writing scripts and the production of a tv show or film is what interests me most. I hope that i can do something in the film industry one day.
For me, art is the ability of doing something creative, something that sets your mind in a position of thinkning "what can i do to make this interesting" or "what can i make that will be liked by others" but most importantly "what do i like to do". You see, art is a way to free yourself and it's a way to build skills and it's something that you can put your heart and soul into. Of course, it can not be understood by everyone, but sometimes art doesn't speak. It shows. And it's beautiful.

Here are a couple of other facts about me:
- I love Harry Potter
- I like travelling
- I enjoy cooking
- My favourite season of the year is Christmas

Okayyy that was my first article, i hope you enjoyed it. You can follow me and heart this if you like. Hopefully you will come back to read some more of my articles. :)