well a lot of people know how people are, but we don't know what people describe us. So here i am, describing myself because lately i've been intrested to some kind of physic stuff and so.

five word i describe myself as:
- Introvert
- Cold Hearted (not much)
- Sarcastic
- Loyal af
- Bibliophile ( Book lover, admire book)

well thats me. but.. i've been wonder how people describe me when they're talking about me to someone who's never met me.

please girls or, guys, If you feel so lonely, i'm here! i'll be there for you.i don't care what culture you are, what your religion are, what type of crazy you are because i don't want this world turn more crueler than it is. Messege me! plus, if you love bands, you already welcoming to my dark deep world.