I never understood the reason of everything till this day.

Why do we have to follow rules to live our life?

What I mean by, is why do we have to go to school if half of what we learn, we won't use in our world. The exams that won't represent you. Won't represent your talents and what you can do. Just a waste of time. We need to learn life through life experiences.

And, why do we have to get married at a certain age?

When your not ready at all. Some people aren't the marriage type. Why won't they accept that.
Alot of us aren't able to manage the marriage responsibilties. It also a must, which I don't seem to get. It should not be a must.

Another thing, is relationship. I know everyone will get shocked on this want, but do you feel that its like a duty to make your loved once always happy. Is it tiring enough. We put so much energy into everything, when it is just simple. Love is simple, not difficult to handle. The reason why love fails in relationship, because each of us uses our full energy to make the other happy. When it should go natural.

examples of things that always makes you upset when it shouldn't.

Texting, texting should not be forced. If everything single day you have to text your gf or bf, just to make her and him happy. Don't force yourself to text for that reason. Do it, when you miss her/him for real. Another thing, If you don't text, it doesn't mean you don't love them. Its natural. Its actually healthy when their is some space. Texting to the same person is so tiring even if its your loved ones. Really, its true. You need to socialize with many people, don't stay in one box with one person all the time.

Calling, its important to call. But talking for a long period of time is not good, both for your health and your partner. 30 minutes is enough. So you won't get bored from each other. Or may lead to addiction, which is not cool. Its important to plan a healthy lifestyle with people around you.

Understanding a one persepective thing, Never see things in one perspective. You need to see everything in circle, and look outside of the box. An argument leads when one person sees one thing in front of them and thats it. It happens alot in relationship. Plus you don't need to use anger, be cool about it. Simple things should not make you upset.

Understanding your partner's emotions, Sometimes we act tough, worried, angry, nervous, scared, happy and excited for our partner. Sometimes its important to be nothing, cause if your partner is sad and you became sad cause your partner is. Is not a good choice to make, i am not telling not to be, but have some empathy, but don't let her or his sadness into you. Be optimistic no matter what your partner feels like. This will help. This will make a change.

Be optimistic as much as you can, and take simple steps. Don't pressure yourself in anything you do. Just know what your doing, and thats important. Make peace in your mind, and you get healthy.

Lastly, promises, Never make promises when you don't know what will happen in the future. Promise with friendship, relationship, marriage, kids, family, and many more. Live the life with no promises, and expect what to expect. Adapt to any change, holding in won't benefit you. Being close to one thing, won't benfit you. Express as much as you can, Experience as much as you can, and enjoy the life that you want. Nothing is impossible. Last thing, Make youself happy, no one can. Just You!.