Last night I read an article of someone that inspired me. Don't get me wrong, but I never thought that some articles would really made me think. And yes, #WHITheRevolution, I really wanted to sent a postcard to this girl @x_melissaaaa, but I'm the one who is following her, so I couldn't unfortunately ;) So I wanted to thank her in this way, for sharing her thoughts. I bet you never thought that so many people would heart your article. Perhaps, this sounds weird. Or maybe people think why should you write an article about someone. But sometimes articles do inspire you. Sometimes you don't know how to put the words in the right way. What's even more beautiful is that you can read a story you can completely understand. And I'm grateful for that. What if we all had those silents minds? This shows how helpful it is to just write all your thoughts on paper and let it go. Keep it or throw it away. It's up to you.
But I'm telling you, so many people can relate to you.

I'm not sure if you read this Melissa, but thank you. You're one of those that should write more and more on paper.