Yesterday I read a brilliant review of Simona, a friend of mine, whom I think is very good at writing. She had written it in English and another reader complimented her on proficiency and asked her how she had reached such a high level. She replied: "Reading and writing reviews, of course!".
So I told myself: "Ok, let's pick up an English book!" (I already do it, but I prefer reading in Italian because it takes me half the time). The first one I came across was "Brideshead revisited", by Evelyn Waugh. I have wanted to read it since I discovered there was a movie based on it in which Felicity Jones starred in, so I decided to start it this morning.
I have started it, believe me. But I had to stop reading because I couldn't go on, I thought it was too difficult for me. I was desperate: I was sure I would never improve my English!
But then I reflected on it and I realized I would have stopped even if I had been reading it in Italian! Well, maybe not, I would have endured it, but I would have surely read it without paying much attention.
Suddenly an idea came to my mind: I could have used the new function on We Heart It to write articles! So, this is my new objective: write an article a day, no matter how long, no matter about what, no matter how many mistakes I will do, no matter if I'll use WordReference or ReversoContext... The essential thing is to practice English!
If I feel like it, I'll surely write more than one article. Stay tuned!