hey !
This is the collections of the "article" who I made !
So today let's me explain you who I'am !!
I'm a girl of 16 years old and I'm French, so sorryyy if I made false...
I'm living next to Paris but everybody do not care of that.
Hummm I'm so liking the grunge life the us life the 90s life, and I know this style was sooo famous but like in the nineties so now its like "dead". You don't see people like that in the street with the same thing and ya I thing if a day I can go on the years I want, this was the 90s with Kurt in life !
I'm so liking the art, the poem, the beautiful sentence, the book, the song with so poetic thing, and the picture of the grunge life the 90s things and yaa, all that !
Hum I don't know what else to say, but on this collections, was like my diary and yes when I see some things who touch me, I explain you all me thing and made some poem and thing like that.
So NOW you know me better,
love u