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"Last thing she noticed before she was washed away by the unconsciousness was the moon shining through the curtains"

Chapter 2
It's me

When Ivy finally got home it was almost three in the morning. She dragged herself into her tiny room and fell on to the bed. And the second she closed her eyes she fell asleep. Last thing she noticed before she was washed away by the unconsciousness was the moon shining through the curtains. It casted long shadows over the flooring, creating a spooky atmosphere. And then the darkness of the night swallowed her.

What she didn't notice was her phone, lying on the nightstand. She didn't notice the incoming call from an unknown number. The phone kept buzzing for a moment and then it was quiet once again. Soon the screen lit up and a message showed up.

I found your phone, it said.

And then it was dark for the rest of the night. Until the dawn came and the sun casted its light through the window, and straight to Ivy's face. She turned her back to the warmth of the sun. Just few more minutes, she thought. But then she remembered something. All what had happened yesterday came flashing back to her. She shot up and started looking for her phone before she remembered it was gone.

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"you gotta be kidding me!"

She dived into her jacket and quickly slid her shoes on. When she went to the nightstand to pick up her apartment keys, she noticed something. Her phone. Just lying there, mocking her.

"What the hell?" she whispered in confusion. She picked it up carefully and turned it over a few times, just to make sure it really was hers. It was.

"But how?"

Ivy turned the screen on and read the message that popped up. What the hell does that even mean? Who found my phone, she thought starting to get annoyed. The only person she knew in NYC was Mary, and even Mary didn't know where Ivy lived. And not to mention she didn't have keys to Ivy's apartment. So who could it possibly be. No one had keys to her apartment. She shivered.

Who r u? She wrote. Now the only reasonable thing to do was wait. And she waited, but nothing happened. No answer, no nothing.

I will take this to the cops! She sent another message. This time she didn't have to wait for long for the phone to buzz. She read the text. But instead of clearing things up, it made them even more confusing.

It's me. The message said.

Who? Who the hell was 'me'.

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