It was that time of the week again,
It was when they had their one class together.
He entered the class five minutes before the bell went off,
And took his seat two chairs away from hers - his usual spot.
It's been like this for months, this routine of his and it wasn't going to change -
Not soon at least.

He had been enthralled by her beauty ever since the first day he laid his eyes on her.
A love sick puppy happy to be on it's masters leash.
Something was different today though,
He was going to talk to her.
She rarely spoke in class but the few times she did he savoured it and had it on loop in his memories.

He would stare at her hair like it was the only thing that mattered in the room.
He didn't care if his peers noticed the odd behaviour.

He thought of what to ask and how to do it.
He didn't want to accidentally blurt out the wrong thing.
His heart raced at the thought of them looking at each other;
Face to face.
Eye to eye.
In a way they'd be connecting with each other.

A pencil, he thought. But there was already one placed on his books for all to see.
What else...
He could ask what the teacher had been talking about,
But it'd seem like he wasn't paying any attention at all.

He had to hurry though,
Time was of the essence.
The lesson would be over soon and he'd have to wait a whole week just to see her again.
Over thinking this was making him feel more nervous than he anticipated.
It was time to do it!

But you don't have to talk to her though.
A loud nagging voice beamed in his head.
You could just continue to watch her from afar.
The thoughts were providing him with a safe way out.

Why mess up his perfectly good routine:
Come to class early,
Take his usual seat,
Watch and adore her as much he could.

It was very simple,
Less stressful.
Better, he thought to himself.

He looked up only to have a wave of disappointment wash over him,
She was gone.
The rest of the class began to pack up their things and file out of the class.
He had been so lost in his thought that he didn't even notice the bell had gone off.

And now her seat lay vacant for the next occupant to take their place in it.


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