These 5 songs are what makes me smile, that has a beautiful meaning and lyrics.

5 The Summer Set- Legendary

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The sound of this song is great, as well as the lyrics. We all wanted to be legendary like the song says even if its to one or more people. "We all wanna be legendary to somebody"

4 Action Item- Footprints

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I find the lyrics of this songs amazing, telling the person you care about deeply of how its beautiful you are and anywhere you can be, your here. "All the places you could be, of all the stars and galaxies"

3 Britney Spears- Man On The Moon

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This song I find its about missing the person you love. The lyrics have references to the 1969 moon landing. I like to hope one day mine is on the moon. "I've been right here dreaming of you, waiting for my man on the moon"

2 All Time Low- My Only One

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I think this song is about someone who doesn't understand their S.O is the only person they want to be with, but cant understand why I guess. Like if one is giving his/her heart but the other one isn't sure or scared. "Cause all I know, all I know is you are my only one"

1 A Rocket to the Moon- First Kiss

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The lyrics of this songs tells you the first date is happening, having all the butterflies in your stomach, feeling nervous and having their first kiss. It's very beautiful and also I would say romantic. I don't think you can ever forget your first kiss, and there is a first for everything else in life. "We go back to our first date, or first kiss"