I've been seeing a lot of hate towards Riverdale lately, but it is coming only from the small, educated community on Instagram or Tumblr. However, it is almost meaningless when compered to all the hype going around that show. Why? Because let's be honest, it is kind of entertaning. But is it realistically good? No, it is not. And here are the main 3 reasons why not (and trust me, there is more):

The storyline is overused
A story about a town where everything is centered around a mysterious murder? No points for at least trying to be creative here. Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, Bones, they've all done it before.Yet alone the plain and boring love triangle storyline. All of the original users of it say hi, because all of them have done it way better. And yes, I'm awere that it is inspired by the comics, but do they really copy - paste it? It's quite obvious they do not (Jughead's asexuality is just an example). So no, they have not done anything original.

Cliché characters
They couldn't have made them more cliché even if they wanted to. I have never seen a show whose characters are less worked on. I mean really, all of the most popular character tropes? Really? Let's start from the main character:
The fuckboy that actually has a heart of gold - Archie. Most of the main male characters in teen dramas are exactly like him. Every girl likes him, he hooks up with every one of them, but his heart actually belongs to only one. And he is either obsessed with a sport or music. Archie is obsessed with both and can't choose. Sounds familiar? Of course it does. Troy (is this his name?) from HSM has done it way before. And now it just seems boring.
The badass girl - Veronica. Most of the main female characters starting from 2000 have been exactly like Veronica. So a badass, bitchy girl that actually stands up for people and is in a fact an angel isn't really a refreshment. These girls are always the second (veeery often even the numer 1) most popular characters (don't worry, I will name the first quickly) from the show, and they're number 2 only because most popular is already in the same TV series. Otherwise, everyone loves them, because What a queen.

The good, girl next door - Betty. Sweet Betty. The contrast of Veronica. Most of the times, the female character is either Veronica or Betty. And both of them are great. Or would be, if it was the first time watching them of the TV screen. Betty is always there for you, a shoulder that you cry on, someone that everyone loves, because everyone should, since she's an angel sent from God to purify us all. Sadly, the guys always choose Veronica.
The mean girl - Cheryl. The one that abuses the good girls like Betty and is a mortal enemy with the ones who stand up for them, like Veronica. However, yes, she developed through the first few episodes. Yet, she's still a cliché character. Why, you ask? Because neither a developed mean girl is something we've never seen before. The thing is, it could have actually turned great, like Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf), but the writing is not very good (is anything really good?), so it turned out to be just cliche.

The werido - Jughead. Voila. The most popular character in any TV show. The one that always feels like an outcast and has one friend, the sarcastic one, but teh one that eventually finds the right girl and he feels like he's not okay for her because he's weirdo. And I love this character trope. When it's done right. When it does not seem as cringey as much as this one does (The "I'm a weirdo" scene. Yikes). The problematic comments don't make him any better. And Cole certainly does not.

The cast is problematic
I am really not going into details for this one. Search Tumblr and it will provide you with any information you need for this one. Starting from the relatable and Tumblr-ish Cole, to his BFF KJ, most of them have done things that are considered really problematic.

I could have and would have told you more about why Riverdale is not all that great, but I think this sums most of it up. So if you consider it as one of your favorite shows or plan watching it, plan again.

Thanks for your time to read this!