hey guys,
I'm here again, writing for you.
So in case I forgot to mention in my first article my name's Susan and I live in Milan, Italy. I'm a girl addicted to 90's tv shows and to American style coffee houses. I wish I could find a place like Luke's cafe in Gilmore Girls or the Central Perk in Friends; you know, a cozy warm place where they make good sweets and coffee or tea... So I had this idea to write a top 5/10 whatever it will be on an article here on whi.
I could even help, in case there are other Milanese girls out here on this platform or guys who are going to stay here for vacation.
If you want a list where I'll write the best places based on:
- food goodness
- coziness
- menu
- music played
- position
- place size
- prices
- wifi
- others (tell me if you want more criteria)
then leave me message here on we heart it (click on the message icon) and write yes if you want me to go around Milan to search the perfect american style/90s coffee house!! [ps. no, we don't have Starbucks in Italy, and yes, I know, it hurts]
byee <3