So, this is my first article and it might won't be so good. Truth is i wanted to write about something i realized recently: that getting hurt is ok and it's part of this life.
Maybe it's your friend who betrayed you or your boyfriend who broke your heart, maybe someone of your family did something wrong to you. No matter who it is, it's the same.
You end up broken hearted thinking you won't recover but that's not the truth. Because each person who hurts you, gives you a lesson and you should thank them for that.
You know better now and next time won't be the same, next time you will be prepeared and you won't hurt too much. Because you will never get through twice the same thing!
Remember all they did was something not to be so proud of, but you stood on your legs and you showed them that it didn't bring you down. You survived, as you will always.
And lastly, if what you give is what you take -and i believe this is true- life will show them how wrong they were. While you will be sleeping quitely at night, they will be thinking how assholes they' ve been...