Hi there! If you're here for a good time then you're most likely in the wrong place.
I made this account to tell my story to nobody really, but if someone is up for an endless shit-show that is my life then be my guest.
Before I actually start telling my story on here I want to write down some little things about myself.
I'm a girl, I'm currently 19 years old.
I'm depressed, I have anxiety and I have been with suicidal tendencies for over three and a half years now.
I have recently started to enjoy writing about my life than actually talking about it.
I have trust issues.
I think that those were the most important parts to share before I tell my story here. I doubt anyone would read it but, I'm not doing this for followers. I'm doing this for myself and if someone finds any help or can relate to my articles then I will be happy about it.
On this account I will most likely just heart images, quotes and other stuff I like, and post my articles.
I don't know how often I'll post but I will do my best to do it regularly.

In the meantime, keep breathing.
Moonchild out