First of all , I just want quickly saying that this is my first time writing an article and today i wanna talk about FAKE FRIENDS

First ,

FAKE FRIENDS exist in every friendship in this world

1. I called them shit
2 . when they have new friend , the left you
3. Pretend to be happy without you even your friendship last for years
4. start showing their new color that never seen by you
5. talk shit behind you , but when their with you they acting like never talk shit about you

that all .

i have been friend with one of them since secondary school and its sucks
then i have a very close friend in secondary school out of the blue we have issue and we never talked since then . then fake friend of mine pretending to be a hero and be friend with my close friend . AND MY CLOSE FRIEND BECOME ONE OF THE FAKE FRIEND . Since then my close friend for now my fake friends become a very fake bitch .i dont even know who was i been friend for years .. and its become more and more sucks

that all .

i know my english is bad but i am trying though ..