luch or dinner is the time where we can eat anything we want. and there is so so so much choice. be creative.

food is vital for us humans, but we turned it into an enjoyment. that is why there are also tonnes of bad food in the world, which we eat more often then we think. of course this is okay, but just occasionally. because we need the body in which we live in healthy. otherwise life will become a curse.

turn it into a lifestyle. a life with good and healthy food, is a good and healthy life.

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sweet potatoes, tofu or chicken, some sort of green vegetable and some lovely avocado.

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why not eat some tortellinis? maybe with tomato sauce or even pesto?


thyme, pumpkin, and soup image

seriously, is there anything better than a hot soup on a cold day? (by the way this is pumkin soup)


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the most easiest one: noodles with tomato sauce. but you can add vegetables like carrots or corn very easily.

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pasta, broccoli, and burger image

noddles with brokoli, chicken and mushrooms.


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baked potatoes with rosmarine and sour cream are the best.


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nutella, food, and chocolate image

salty or sweet. with chicken or tofu or avocado or mozarella.


food, healthy, and bagel image

what about a bagel?

balsamic, mediterranean, and pizza image
cauliflower, grilled cheese, and sandwich image

perfect if you don’t have much time. take a yummy baguette with some butter and tomatos or an sandwich with some cheese, put it in the oven for a couple minutes and you’re good to go.


food, healthy, and salad image

chicken, salad, tomatoes and you prepared a meal.

food, healthy, and pasta image

or a noddle salad with avocado and some cherry tomatoes.


sushi, food, and delicious image

if you have a little more time, do your own sushi! it is not as difficult as it looks like. (i tried it)

fast food

food, pizza, and pepperoni image

occasionally a pizza is okay of course.

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