Hello again, beautiful people! First of all, thank you very much for all these likes on my first article. It means a lot to me. Today I decided to introduce you in more detail. The only thing you know is: how my name is, how old I am and where I am from.
I have a blog for nearly 2 years. From the beginning, it was meant for books only, but soon I write about everything that excites me. I love writing in it and expressing everything I feel. The feeling is the same when I write to you.
I love to write poetry too. When I'm happy or sad, the first thing I do is play music and start writing.
In my spare time, apart from writing on the blog, I love watching serials and movies, making pictures, listening to music and going out with friends.
I'm not one of those people who have a favorite series, movie or song. I listen and watch everything I like.
I've been shooting for some time. The phone is always in my hand and I'm shooting everything around me. Yesterday I finally got a camera I've long dreamed of. Now the photos will be of great quality!
The other favorite thing is to spend time on my social networks and watch videos in Youtube. I really like Instagram. I take him a long time. I take photos, process and upload them.
You can follow me if you want. https://www.instagram.com/mari.cherneva/
I hope you get to know me better. I 'd be glad if you write to me. I love to meet new people, and what's better than international friendships.
See you soon!
Kisses! Thanks for reading me!
- Marie. ♥