Hi everyone!

From the very beginning when I was writing in response to We Heart It as to why I would use articles... I can't say that writing about dealing with depression was one of them.
I love writing and love being inspired, my We Heart It account has been active for a very long time and I - as you can tell from the ridiculous amount of hearts I have - love to come here for inspiration, nothing more, nothing less.
But now, there are articles! Articles can be made by fellow users, where tips and tricks can be made on various topics, and I feel they have been a long time coming!
But anyway, back to the purpose of this article, I should tell you a few things about myself before we really get started.
My name; is Rebecca, I'm halfway through my teen years and am finding it increasingly hard to deal with all that life is throwing my way. Things ranging from work (school and extra-curricular) causing major stress to a significant lack of self-confidence. I want to be an actress and to be on Broadway, but I can't seem to find that motivation which is needed in order for my dreams to come true. I know that everything will and must turn out great in the end, with all the puzzle pieces finally finding their correct orientation... but, as all victims of depression know, it is so very hard to constantly see the light at the end of the tunnel. I, myself, am finding it a torturously slow process - making it through to the other side, but even with thoughts of suicide often swimming around, that would be quitting, and no one is brought up and brought into this world, to just quit.
I hope We Heart It soon makes it so you can send postcards to anyone who you choose to, I want to be in contact with you all so we can get through this journey together! <3
... Perhaps I will create an Instagram... if I do I will link it in my bio :) I'm just going to leave this epiphany moment in this article if you don't mind - :p
See, there's always some occasions of happiness even in the darkest of hours, I'm sure that if you and I never give up and try, just try - for the benefit of ourselves - to hold on to life's bumpy ride, there will soon come a day where you have a realisation. A realisation after just waking up, or when you're chatting with a best friend, or when you're at a park, or whilst sitting in your favourite spot with your favourite music playing or wherever it may be. A realisation that you actually feel happiness & joy surging in your system, no negative thoughts flowing through your mind, and most of all, the realisation that you're free.

When writing that I was smiling so much, I just had a realisation of what will happen! :)
I'm absolutely positive that if we all hang on together, just how you do when on a three person biscuit you all cling on for dear life, clinging ON to dear life, we will eventually see that light. And for me and other aspiring performers, those stage lights <3

Guys, thank you so much for bearing with me in this article, I don't think it was as long to read as it was for me to write ;p but if you do wish for me to make an inspiring Instagram or are just inspired in any way by this article, please do make sure to heart it :)
I love you all and remember you are definitely not alone in your struggles, and thanks to Christina Aguilera, I can quote her and say to find "the voice within" <3 - great song which is great for helping you through by the way!
Lots of love, Rebecca XOX