See that person sitting across you? already judged him haven't you? how many of us can honestly say we've tried to deduce someone new we've met. Sadly not everyone is Sherlock Holmes. Actually no one is as accurate as him.

Judging people without knowing them is completely common. everyone is guilty of this everyday crime. In fact this small act, is a side effect of insecurity. The moment we think low of ourselves, there's this idea in our heads that doesn't want to accept the fact that the latter might just be happier than you.

But what we don't realize is, is that person sitting across you has suffered beyond your imagination. He's maybe lost someone he loves, or just had a fight with his childhood best friend.

What about that girl in school who managed to be the beauty with brains. We all know her, admit it, we've talked a ton about her. Have you ever given a second thought before assuming things about her? You have no idea how much pressure she's going through to be the perfect person you see everyday.

We can endlessly judge people but when its about ourselves we feel utmost devastated. We keep great expectations from people, but when have we ever considered what the opposite feels about it? what is we were kept in his/her position? Imagine how pressurised and tourchered we'd feel.

So the next time you open up your mouth to judge someone, consider what you just read, give it a second thought, are you really confident about what you think?